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(1842 - 1911)

m John Marion Dean (1831-1892)


Indiana Cleopatra Groom married John Marion Dean on June 17, 1858, in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. She died December 15, 1911 and is buried beside her husband in the Blocker Cemetery near Serepta, Louisiana, in Webster Parish. They had 14 children ( two sets of twins) and all but one lived to rear families: William Henry, Joseph Marion, Betty ( Dean) Yarbrough, Charles Delius, Tom Dennis, Fred Rayford (his twin died at birth), Jack, his twin brother Jeff, Sallie (Dean) Elliot, and Agustus "Gus" Carlton Dean. Gus married Maude Lee Hood, November 26, 1911, in Claiborne Parish, La.

Indiana was 16 years of age when she married John Dean and in their 53 years of marriage, in addition to rearing their 13 children, managing the household, and moving seven times from Louisiana to Texas and back to La., she had time to devote her time to being a mid-wife. She was the "guiding light" of her family, managing with very strict dicipline, but always with love and humor. She was very witty and loved practical jokes.

Maude Dean, widow of Gus Dean, was the only one of her generation living in 1985, when I visited her and her family. She has since died but I do not know the date. She is buried beside her husband in the family plot where Indiana and John Dean are buried, Blocker Cemetery near Serepta, Webster Parish, La.

When I visited Maude, she was still living in the nice home near Serepta, that Gus had built for her and where they reared their eight children. She was one of the most gracious, lovable, Christian ladies I have ever known. The second time I visited her, my two sisters, Lorena (Groom) Spence and Geneva (Groom) Barnes were with me. When we said good-bye with our arms around each other, Maude prayed the sweetest, most heart warming prayer. Tears come to my eyes yet when I think of it because we all knew we would never be together again in this world and we all knew we would be united in the world to come. As I write this in 1997, I am the only one still living.

Compiler: LOMA (GROOM) HARRISON, Descendant of Rev. Needham York Groom & Rev. Millage Short Groom