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Published by the Groom Cuzzies Network

Betty Gaulden Meadows, Editor

Newsletter1-1a, Fall 1999


What: 1st Annual Gathering of the Grooms

When: March 17th, 18th, and 19th, 2000

Where: Lindale (Smith County) TX
















This reunion and large family group Gathering of the Grooms has been the dream of Cuzzie Loma Groom Harrison for many years now. Cuzzie Loma has done extensive family research, and when she was 90 years old she bought and learned to use a computer in order to share her research with all her relatives on the internet. Her niece, Cuzzie Sally Hummer is the Webmaster of the Groom Street website. Their generosity in sharing this information is wonderful! When you check it out, note the awards that has been given to this excellent website and also be sure to sign the guestbook and tell Cuzzies Loma and Sally how much you appreciate their research and their generosity in sharing it with the rest of us at the Groom's Street site:



After this year's May reunion of the descendants of Needham York Groom, several of her cousins added their dreams of expanding the Groom reunion to include descendants of their ancestor Needham York Groom's siblings (children of Elijah Groom II and his wife Elizabeth Bryan-Pou) and to the descendants of his aunts and uncles (children of Charles and Mary Groom) and to descendants of Charles' siblings, the Children of Elijah Groom I and Catherine 'Catey' Herring. [More proofs are needed here!]

By the way, the cutsey term cuzzie takes some getting used to, but it serves a practical purpose. It is being used as a general term of respect or endearment and to differentiate between living cousins' names and names of our ancestors and departed relatives.



As my search progressed, it seemed as though a family spirit was leading me home to the relatives. When I met the Deans, I thought I had found 'my people,' and then I found the Croom Website and the Groom Website on the 'Net! When I met the Groom cousins at the reunion in May, I knew I had found my people - kindred spirits, and my soul group. - bgm

Since that 1999 reunion, we've typed many e-mails and held four meetings to plan the GROOM Y2K GATHERING. Not only do we feel a special cuzzie kinship, we are delighted to have been chosen to organize and launch these special Gathering of the Groom/e/s reunions of cousins who have been scattered to so many different parts of the country.



Won't you make plans to join us. You will find 'your friendly, bright, witty, assertive, and fun-loving people' during a week-end filled with fun, fellowship, music, recreation, sharing of our family genealogy, and a Sunday worship service followed, of course, by a big Sunday dinner, lots of photos, and visiting.

A deposit of $430.00 has secured the facilities at Timberline Outdoors Ministries, Lindale in East Texas, for our first annual Groom Hoedown during the weekend of March 17th 18th and 19th in this first year of the 2000s. Now, we would like for you to help us plan the GROOM Y2K GATHERING that will include activities for all ages and all groups.

Please help us meet your family's needs and desires by completing the survey included in this first family newsletter.

Please send transcripts of any corrections, copies of documentation, additional information, and other Groom researcher's addresses (snail-mail, e-mail, and phone numbers) you have to our Webmaster's new e-mail address: use the word one instead of 1 in old address (")Cuzzie Sally Hummer or to the newsletter editor, Cuzzie Betty Gaulden Meadows.

Please help us with places to advertise the reunion - on the internet reunion sites, local libraries, etc.

You may also duplicate the survey/worksheet and pass along to other Groom relatives you think would be interested.

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