Friday, March 17th

Saturday, March 18th

Sunday, March 19th

Breakfast @ 8 a.m.

Anticipate a great time!



Morning Activity

Have a safe trip!

Welcoming Activities

Worship Service at 10 a.m.

Lunch @ noon

Get Lunch 'on the road'

Photos/(Mexican Buffet)

(Chicken Dinners)

Afternoon Activity

Arrive and settle in

Class and/or Activity

Chatty Cousins

Supper @ 5 p.m.

Sandwiches and Stuff

(Texas Barbeque)

Depart. See ya next year!

Evening Activity

Informal Solializing

Hoedown in Texas

Have a safe trip home!


Shake the Family Tree
Saturday Breakfast - Fill your table with relatives with different parents.
Saturday Lunch - Fill your table with relatives with different grandparents.
Saturday Supper - Fill your table with relatives with different great-grandparents.
Sunday Breakfast - Sit at a table of relatives with different great-great grandparents.
Sunday Lunch - Sit at a table of relatives with the same parents or grandparents - for photos.


 The following answers most questions about the facilities at Timberline Outdoors Ministries, Lindale TX.

  1. Full-service hook-ups are available for 14 RVs for $5.50 per night per hook-up plus $1.50 per person in RV for insurance. However, if you eat in the cafeteria the insurance is included in the $5.00 per meal price.
  2. Wherever, you stay, you can't beat the price of the meals. Yes, we will have some input about the menus, so let us know if you have any food allergies or need a special diet.
  3. Motel rooms: 32 motel rooms are available. All linens, soap, and towels are provided with the rooms.
    Double - $56.30 per person, per night or Single - $66.30 per person, per night, includes meals/insurance.
  4. Dorm facilities will accommodate 144 people. Each person must provide his/her own twin sheets, blankets, pillows, toiletries, etc. $47.50 per person, per night, includes meals/insurance.
  5. Children under age 2 are free; 6 years and up are considered as adult charges; 2 years - 6 years will be charged 1/2 of fee wherever parents are lodging, that is, (motel rate at $28.15 per child per night for double room) or (dorm rate - $23.75 per child per night for dorm room).


 Area Attractions

  1. If you would like to extend your trip to visit include the Tyler Azalea Trail and Rose Garden Tours, request a packet about them and other area attractions from the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce, 407 North Broadway, Tyler TX 75702, or from their web site: <>.
  2. Nearby Garden Valley Golf Resort allows tournaments, but one has not been planned for this first reunion. Perhaps you'd like to volunteer to organize one for the Groom/e/s 2001 Gathering.
  3. Many motels are available in Tyler, but they will be booked early for the Azalea Trails 19 March - 4 April.

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