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Randall Groom Thompson, 

Married first Carol Jean Bledsoe (divorced).  One son. Randy Gene Thompson,   He married Annette Rene' Nichols . Two children:  Monetta Nicole Thompson, and Nicholas Montgomery Thompson,

Second marriage to Carolyn Ruth Sanderson  (divorced).  Carolyn Ruth had two sons.  Randall adopted the sons.  They are: Walter Wilson Thompson  and Randall Leslie Thompson.

Third marriage to Kathy Norene Goodpaster,   (Parents: Stanley Elmer Goodpaster and Florence Benton Branham)  Two children: Callie Arlene Thompson
and Katie Elizabeth Thompson,

My First Cousins

My First Cousins



It all began in the late eighteen hundreds, history has it recorded with Emma and Gus.  They had ten children, praise the Lord, they were pro-life without a fuss.


Johnny, Horace, Fred, Jerome, Jesse, Dora, Vera, Lillian, Truman, and Gladys.

They all had one thing in common, their name was Groom…Move over East Texas, we are going to need more room…


Van Zandt County was large enough for a while, then new faces were hanging on the walls.

This new generation grew by the dozens, they are known as my first cousins.


What happened, what did they become, where did they go?  Not one followed in their fathers footsteps to be a farmer you see.

Instead they became doctors, lawyers, preachers, merchants, musicians, educators, salesmen, and chiefs.


To find happiness, some moved far, far away, Later to return where they now will stay.


The year now is 2002, all that remains is a chosen few. Let’s take time to bow in prayer, and thank God for the memories we share.


Let’s finish the race in a meaningful stride, and leave the next generation our good name with pride.


Randall Groom Thompson

December 2002