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(submitted by Grace Jackson from the Groom Mailing List at Grooms Family Page)

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GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION: (Global Gazatteer - Foreign)
(United State Geological Service - finds exact location of place names, cemeteries, churches, streams, etc. Excellent !!) (Distance between two locations. Enter geographic coordinates or placenames) (finds county for known place and state) (geographic thesaurus) (Lycos road map) (Mapquest) (geographic name locator) (Microsoft worldwide info) (Historical Ink; old maps, NY&NE) (township and range system) (United Kingdom) (US Atlas, 1895) (Yale geographic name locator)
(One meter resolution aerial and satellite photography of the USA and select foreign locations. Enter geographic coordinates only) (One meter resolution aerial and satellite photography of the USA and select foreign locations. Select location from a map or enter a place name)

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    CHECK AND CLEAN VIRUSES FROM YOU COMPUTER - free ! (Trend Microsystems)
    Excellent - highly recommended on-line service - no charge)

    GIANT GENEALOGY SITES: (U.S. Surname Distribution from the U. S. census during various period in history) (barrell of links) (Cyndi's List) (Ford Genealogy Club) (genealogy discussions) (genealogy gateway) (genealogy helplist) (genealogy's most wanted) (genealogy online) (genealogy tool box) (genealogy search engine) (genealogical societies) (Mormon FHCs) (National Genealogical Society) (New England Historic Genealogical Society) (Rand genealogy club) (Roots Web Searches) (searchable genealogy links) (Travellor southern families) (UofKS sourcelist) (US Genealogy web) (US Internet Genealogical Society) (genealogical and historical societies of Missouri; to change states, delete "mo" and substitute the postal abbreviation of the state of our choice)

    CHURCH HISTORY: (National Council of Churches) (theological seminaries) (American Baptist) (Church of the Brethren) (Roman Catholic Church) (Catholic information network) (Catholis web directory) (Disciples of Christ) (Episcopal Church, USA) (Evangelical Lutheran) (Friends United/Quaker) (Quaker genealogy) (Georgia Baptist) (Indiana UMC) (Lutheran, Missouri Synod) (MO Baptist) (Missouri United Methodist) (Ohio United Methodist) (Presbyterian) (Reformed Church in America) (SC Baptist) (United Church of Christ) (United Methodist archives) (UMC state archives)

    ETHNIC RESEARCH: (searchable Canada) (emigration from Germany) (Palatines to America) (Dutch in New Amsterdam) (German Genealogy) (Irelands national archives) (Irish Genealogical Society) (Irish Genealogy) (Scots birth, death, marriage indices) (Scot Clans) (Scots genealogy) (Scotland General Register Office) (tartans & clans) (tartans) (UK genealogy)

    ARCHIVES FOR MILITARY HISTORY & WARS: (Canada war timeline) (Civil War fighting units) (CW Dakota State) (Civil War, U of KY) (Civil War, LSU) (military history for genealogy) (Military History Institute) (military libraries) (Society of the War of 1812)

    SOURCES FOR BOOKS: (antiquarian books) (Appleton's) (Blair's) (dealers and publishers) (Hearthstone) (Higginson genealogy) (Hope Farm, NY books) (Picton Press) (Willow Bend) (Ye Olde Gen Shop, Indianapolis)

    LOOKUP SERVICES: (books we own) (mostly southern Books) (census lookups) (DAR patriot index) (genealogy helplist) (surname springboard)


    STATE & REGIONAL GENEALOGY SOCIETIES: (midwest gen society) (Alabama genealogy) (Colorado gen society) (Connecticut library) (Florida gen society) (Georgia helplist) (Illinois Secretary of State) (Indiana library) (Iowa historical society) (Iowa pioneers) (Kansas library) (Kentucky library and archives) (Massachusettes Library and Information Network) (Minnesota historical society) (Missouri archives) (Missouri historical society) (New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston) (New Jersey library) (New York archives) (New York library) (New York vital records) (North Carolina archives) (NC library) (Ohio historical society) (Oklahoma museum of history) (Oregon archives) (Pennsylvania archives) (Penn. Commonwealth library) (South Carolina archives) (old SC papers) (South Carolina historical society) (USC's South Carolina library) (Tennessee library & archives) (Virginia Library) (West Virginia online) (Wisconsin historical society) (online Wisconsin libraries)

    SURNAMES: (Guild of One Name Studies) (surame helper) (surname mailing lists) (surname search engine) (surname web's registry)

    SEARCH FOR LAND TITLES AND LAND PATENTS: (all states) (BLM eastern states land records) (PA lands, with links) (Virginia land office records)

    NEWSPAPERS: (Kidon US Dailies)
    (I haven't tried this, but if it doesn't work, note that the next two say Media-link and try that) (Kidon US Weeklies) (Kidon Canada)

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