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JIM GROOM,JR., Artist & Design Construction; Production Assistance.

What's at

At you'll find a family of cartoon critters and their friends whose mission in life is to figure out what they most wannabe. Just like all of us, no matter how young we are or how much experience we have, we all wannabe something more! The possibilities are boundless!

Stay tuned to this web site to see what the Wannabe clan is up to on their search. Come and watch as radish, Owen , Woz and the other critters learn & grow on their march through life. Every experience they have is a lesson that may lead you towards anything that *you* might wannabe too!

You'll find stories and contests and silliness and seriousness. Stop by and visit Uncle Booger to see what he can teach you to make yourself. Dash by ole Aunt Lotta's place to see what new recipe she has cooked up for you but BE careful 'cause she's a snippy ole thing! Then stop by to see what new tricks radish is up to this week on her walking adventures. Of course you can't forget to see what new career move Woz is testing! Then be sure to check out the WannabeGo Bookmobile for interesting links and information. We especially invite you to help write the Endless Wannabe's Story and enter our monthly drawing and story contest which is inside the WannabeGo Bookmobile.

Most of all......enjoy learning.


BUDDY GROOM, Relief Pitcher for Oakland A's

CNN Sports Illustrated preview for Buddy Groom
Pitching | Batting | Fielding Pitching: Latest Game | Season | Splits | Career Stats Glossary

Message from Buddy
(on the back of his Baseball Card)

"Baseball's a Gift:
     Since I was a little kid, I have always felt very lucky to be able to play the game of baseball.  It's been a gift, I've been able to play for the White Sox, Tigers and Marlins.  And in 1996, I joined the Oakland A's.  Playing baseball has always made me happy.

Looking for Answers:
     My grandpa was a minister, and my dad was a minister of music.  Growing up, he used to read the Bible to us kids before we left for school so that we'd begin the day with God in our thoughts.  My family believed in God and really loved him, so I got the chance to see what He did in people's lives.

     I knew my ability to play baseball was a gift from God, and that the game wouldn't last forever.  Those thoughts about God just kept running through my head, until one day I decided to give my life to Jesus.   Since then, I've known God would take car of me no matter what.  I began looking at others in a brand, new way.  It was like seeing life's troubles, injuries and career struggles from God's perspective.  He showed me people were worried and looking for answers to their questions about life, just like I had been.

See the Possibilities:
     Now, when people ask the tough questions, I want the way I live my life to be an answer.  A person can be an athlete, play hard and still be a Christian.  But, that person will be changed in other ways.  God helps you see differently, because the spirit of God is in your life.  What about you?  Why not ask Him into your life today?  He will open up a whole new world for you."

Ron and Eileen's Web Page

Family History Section: GROOMS / ROBBERSON genealogy - Listing Descendants of Stephen Herring Grooms (Parents, Elijah & Catey Herring) This is a most enjoyable web site and well worth visiting.


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