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(Researcher and Compiler:  LOMA (GROOM) HARRISON, descendant of Rev. Needham York Groom and Rev. M. S. Groom.)

The first information I have on the GROOME FAMILY in England, I found in the Library of Congress: "The GROOME FAMILY AND CONNECTION; A PEDEGREE WITH BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES" written by Harry Connelly Groome, published by Lippincott of Philadelphia in 1906. I made photo-copies of pages 13-54 of the book, trying to trace our GROOM FAMILY back to the first GROOME, SAMUEL GROOME, a mariner of Ratcliffe, in the county of Middlesex, England. He died in England in 1683-84.

SAMUEL GROOME 1, a Quaker, may have in 1676 published the book, "A Glass For the People of New England, In Which They May See Themselves and Spirits, and If Not Too Late, Repent and Turn From Their Abominable Ways and Cursed Contrivances".

Member of the Middlesex, England family of GROOME, were very prominent merchants and traders to the Colonies in America, in the 1650's to 1750's. SAMUEL GROOME is listed in Bruce's "Economic History of Virginia", as one of the twenty-four traders who furnished the greater portion of the supplies imported into the Colonies of Maryland and Virginia during the later part of the 1600's.

March 10, 1671, SAMUEL GROOME 1 landed in Providence, Maryland, sixty-five immigrants from England in the ship William and Mary and received 3,250 acres of land "Lying in the freshies of the Great Choptank River". There are records of many other tracts of land purchased in Maryland by SAMUEL GROOME 1. He may have settled for a time in New England but he died in England in 1683.

In 1712, SAMUEL GROOME 3, purchased three tracts of land in Maryland, known as Prince Venture (125 acres), New Castell, (400 acres), Chevey Chase (200 acres).

The family of SAMUEL GROOME 1, terminated with SAMUEL GROOME 3 (1685-1740) but SAMUEL GROOME 1's brother JOHN GROOME'S DESCENDANT, SAMUEL GROOME 4 (3rd. generation) died in Kent County , Maryland in 1767-68. MR. HARRY CONNELLY GROOME, traced his direct line from JOHN GROOME, and followed them through Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania from the 1600's to the 1900's.