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m. Wilma Mira Moore (1907 - 1997)


Elijah Groom I (1757-1804). m. Catherine "Catey" Herring (abt.1760 - 1814)
Charles Groom (1787-1851) m. Mary ??? (d. aft 1842)
Elijah Groom II (1818-1859) m. . Elizabeth Bryan (1820- 1878)
Needham York Groom (1847-1915) m Margaret Gryder (1844-1878)
2nd. Wife: Adline (Wages) Dean (1850-1913)
Rev. Millage Short Groom (1872-1973) m Callie Parker (1887-1912)


1. James Needham Groom Jr. (1941 - ) m. Carol Ann Cochran (1943 -)


James Aaron Groom (1971 -)
Matthew Cochran Groom (1972-) m.Constance Zo Pfarrer

Ian Matthew Groom (2000-)with Mom & Dad
Ian at 2 weeks old
Luke Hudson (2003-)

2. Sally Jane Groom (1943 - ) m. Marvin T. Harvey Jr. (1942 - )
2nd. husband : Clifford Lee Hummer (1931 - )

Steven Eric Harvey (1967 - 1992)
Kevin Glen Harvey (1969 -)
Mark Lee Hummer (1960 -)
David Lee Hummer (1962-) m.Patricia Ann Dawson (1961-)
Mallory Hummer( 1985 -)
Tori Hummer (1993 -)

Charles Edward Groom (1950 - ) m. Jacquelyn Dawn Pecan (1952 - )

My Dad, James Needham Groom was born 2-1/2 miles south of Bailey, Texas on June 25, 1911. In 1992, Dad had a stroke which left him partially paralyzed and without the ability to talk. It seems so ironic - Dad loved to talk and was always the life of our family gatherings, telling story after story with such a great sense of humor. I can hear his low pitched, booming voice now, with dear Aunt Lomaís melodious laughter filling the room throughout all of his antidotes. What great memories those are!

In the early 1940ís Dad met and married my mother, Wilma Mira Moore, in Indiana. Dad said if it hadnít been for her and the stability she brought into his life, heíd been dead long ago. My Dadís job as a pipe fitter (construction worker) took him, my mother and us kids to places all over the United States and several foreign countries to live.

Dad was and is a very intelligent, complex person - demanding, understanding, tolerant, intolerant, kind, hard, loving and not so loving, self-centered and generous. During the six years when he and mother were in my care, I saw another side of Dad - sweet and sensitive. Dadís life was a struggle when he was growing up and he always made sure he provided for us and gave us what he never had - a home, a Mother who could be there for us, and plenty to eat. I never remember a time that he stayed home from work - He must have been sick at times, but he never did miss work. I didnít know how to appreciate these things until I became an adult with all the responsibilities of working and raising children. And still, I only have a small understanding of it, since he grew up in much harder times and circumstances than I can ever imagine. And Iím pleased that this entire section is not completely in my hands to try to tell you about my Dad. Luckily, I found several of his writings which Iím thrilled to include here.

1. Notes written in 1983 by James Needham Groom (b. 1911 - ) about his life and times

2. Letter written to us, his children, about his own Dad, Millage Short Groom

3. Tribute written in 1977 about his sister, Loma (Groom) Harrison

4. Speech given at Cynthiaís, his grand nieceís wedding

Written by his Daughter, Sally Jane (Groom) Hummer

IV. Compiler: Loma Groom Harrison