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Hello, My name is Mallory. Well of course you already know that. Forgive the picture we were testing things out. If anybody would like to contact me I am on-line ALOT! Or send e-mail to my grandmother and I will return it promptly.

About myself... I am a straight A student most of the time .. I play BasketBall,Track and Soccer...for school of course.. I collect and enjoy the company of turtles... I won three school awards this year including: Best over-all Home-Economics student, Quality Attitude.. don't ask me how I won that.. The Presidents Award for Outstanding Education, for obtaining Straight A's the two years I was in middle school. The three Star Wars movies and William Shakespere's Romeo & Juliet are my favorite movies. I LOVE LEONARDO DICAPRIO. I collect Star wars action figures.. And I think that's pretty much it..

My Family Tree, not all of it but it will do. Cliff Hummer + Sally Groom =Mark Hummer, =Steven Harvey, =David Hummer =Kevin Harvey, David Hummer + Patty (Dawson) Hummer =Mallory Hummer =Tori Hummer

This picture, not a very good one at that, is indicating that I want a future in space. I have studied space for years and want to become an astronaut. I would most likely end up being a Mission Specialist Astronaut, but I want to be a pilot.

Well you either hate him or not. This is LEONARDO DICAPRIO!He is a talented actor and has been hailed by many including his acting elders. He has won the hearts of millions.Well as I said people either hate him or love him, I for one love him.(but not my friend Kenneth R., he hates Leo!)